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What I do

Leejay TownsendMy name is Leejay and I have been a professional photographer for 2 years now. I started in actors portraits and fashion photography, I moved into wedding photography because I love capturing people at special moments in their life.

My work is all about moments, life is made up of many moments and if we didn’t have photo’s then they would just be memories. I capture your special moments in the way you want to remember them.

I do my best to create long lasting images without  interfering or getting in you way. I observe quietly and capture those real moments and emotions.

I love reportage style photographs and I also love classical elegance. So when you pick me as your photographer I give you the choice. You can have reportage, classic or both. I treat each wedding as bespoke as there are never two the same.

I discuss every idea with you. I will visit the location of the wedding at least once before your big day to find out the best locations, the best light sources and to get a feel for the venue. I meet every couple well in advance of the wedding to talk you through what I do and to get your ideas of what you want and if you have booked a pre wedding shoot I will get to know you even better, which gives me a chance to find what works for you photographically.

You will find me to be respectful, discrete and completely professional. I’m also a good laugh and will try my utmost to make your day even more special.¬†Feel free to drop me an email or give me a call and we can have a chat and you will soon see I love what I do.


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